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cozy homeWe offer a wide range of electric heating solutions for domestic and commercial applications. Whatever your requirements may be, you’ll find SINOMAS an excellent source for quality material, competitive pricing and dependable service.

Resistance wire based heater cables are economical, reliable and durable. They can be supplied in different forms:

  1. plug and play heating cable, e.g. snow melting cable, antifreeze pipe heating cable, pet and plant heating wires, etc
  2. heating wires bond to Aluminum foils or sewn to heater pad. The former can be widely found as toilet seat warmers, while the later dominate in healthcare and personal warming products.
  3. insulated heating wires packed in reel. The products can be further trimmed and assembled by fabricators or traders. Professional knowledge and tooling are required in this case.

Commercial Heating Films

While etched foil heating elements are ideal for many applications, low cost is the gold standard for the commercial world. Volume production drives many costs down. Nowadays the etched foil technology is not limited to applications of expensive devices any more. Economical PET or polyimide heater films have been used as heat source for many home comfort products, e.g. toilet seat heater, sauna room heater films, infrared heating films, tray warmer of coffee machines, grip heater for snowmobiles, etc.

grip heatercoffee tray heating filmtoilet seat heater grey

Our commercial heating films have the advantages of light weight, energy efficient and fast heating. They can be used in applications up to 100°C constantly. All temperature sensors available for industrial heating can be integrated as well for thermal control. Unlike the single watt density of heating wire, our heating films can be designed into any shapes and thermal profiles. With adhesive tape backing, they can be installed to any smooth surfaces.

We fully understand that our success depends on your success. Our team of engineers will work with you to find the most reliable and cost effective solution for yours application. Our products are ready to be commited to any stringent industrial test. 

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