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aluminum tube heaterAluminum tube heaters make use of silicone rubber or PVC insulated heater wires with aluminum pipe sheath for mechanical support and heat radiation. Heating elements of different shapes can be formed easily. Diameter of aluminum tubes available: Ø4,Ø4.5,Ø5,Ø6.35

Aluminum tuber heaters are widely used for defrosting and heat preservation for refrigerator and freezer as well as other electrical equipment. The heating is fast, uniform, safe and controllable.

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Technical Specification:

  1. Supply voltage: up to 250V
  2. Wattage: up to 40W/m
  3. Insulation: cold & wet state >100MΩ, hot state >20MΩ
  4. Dielectric strength: 2000Vac@1s
  5. Leak current: <0.02mA/m

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