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car seat heaterBy using the most proven heating technology, SINOMAS offer complete seat heating packages for your cars and motorcycles, including the heating pad, the wire harness and the universal knob switch. 

We use the highest quality materials to make sure that our seat heaters are comfortable, reliable and durable. When required, we will be happy to make a customized design for you. 

The heater pad can be made of two different technologies. The most popular type for the aftermarket is the carbon fiber heating pad. The carbon fibers are virtually connected in parallel via the electrically conductive adhesive tapes at the two sides. The standard size of our stock heater is 28x48cm with power of 25 watts.

The advantage of this solution is that, you can cut the heating pad freely to fit the size of your car seat. The heater will still work properly with slightly reduced power.

If an OEM manufacturer/service provider needs seat heaters for one particular model of cars, the size and contour of the seats are known. You have the chance to define heating pads of more customized profile by sewing the insulated heat wires to fabrics. Any holes and cutouts on the pads are all allowed. 

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