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Aluminum foil heaterNowadays heated bidet / toilet seats are getting more and more popular. In the commercials of many sanitary ware companies, the toilet seats are claimed to be instant heating. Most probably they refer to the fast heating of the water tank, not the seat ring. 

Most of the heated toilet seats make use of Aluminum foil bonded heater wire, which is very cheap and easy to manufacture. However, due to the limited contact area of the heating element with the seat, the total wattage of the heater is limited to 30-50 watts. Otherwise the wire insulation will be over heated and damaged. This is far less than the wattage demand for instant toilet seat heating. 

Seat heaters of this construction have to be turned on constantly to maintain the desired temperature. This means a lot of waste of electricity. 

Instant Toilet Seat Heater

toilet seat heaterEtched foil heating elements have very thin profile and large conductor area for heat transfer. They are very suitable for fast heating of smooth surfaces like bidet toilet seats. 

With vast experience in etched foil heater development, we have launched the heating films for toilet seat heating. The main features are:

  • Polyimide or PET film insulated, lightweight, thin, space saving
  • Fast heating - The toilet seat ring can be heated to 35°C in about 30 seconds or less (depending on the wattage, ambient temperature and the control strategy).
  • Thermal cutoff and thermistor are included for safety and temperature control
  • Tailor-made shapes with cutouts to fit the profile of the toilet seat ring
  • Adhesive tape backing for easy installation
  • Air release holes can be configured to avoid air bubbles during installation.
  • Comply with international safety codes

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