12v heater12V heaters are used for battery operated portable devices and applications where 230V or 115V power supply is not available, e.g. tube readers and heated bed for 3D printers. In these circumstances, high reliability and space saving are the key issues. Our low voltage etched foil heaters have unparalleled advantages over other heating solutions in this regards:

Standard Models

While we are willing to make unique design for each customer, the models in the following table have been requested frequently. They are very suitable for sample order and available for quick delivery. All of them can be made with silicone rubber or polyimide insulation. Please specify when you order. 

By default, all the heaters will be with 12" teflon leads and PSA.

Serial No. Size(mm) Watts Voltage Watt Density
1 50x25 1.25 12V 0.1W/cm2
2 50x50 2.50
3 50x75 3.75
4 50x100 5.00
5 100x75 7.50
6 100x100 10.0
7 50x150 7.50
8 200x75 15.0
9 100x150 15.0
10 150x200 30.0
11 200x300 60.0
12  50x200 50 220V 0.5W/cm2
13 50x300 75
14 100x100 50
15 100x200 100
16 100x300 150
17 200x200 200
18 200x300 300