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constant wattage heating cableconstant wattage parallel circuit silicone heating cable

Constant wattage parallel circuit silicone rubber insulated heating wire makes use of two tinned copper conductors as bus wires. The heating wires connect to each busbar alternantly at constant spacing forming a heater module. All heater modules will have the same watts (constant wattage) and are virtually connected in parallel (parallel circuit).

constant wattage heating cable illustrationThe most obvious advantage of the product is that they can be cut to length on site based on your power demand. They have been widely used in refrigeration applications. Tinned copper braid is available for mechanical protection and earthing.

As current flows along each conductor core, voltage drop will be produced due to linear resistance. Therefore the wattage of the heating modules that are too far away from power supply will drop. The maximum length of the constant wattage heating cable is specified in the datasheet.

The section between the cable cut and the closest contact point is an open circuit, which can't heat up in operation. This section will act as a built-in cold tail. No further connection is needed. The cable cut can be fit with silicone rubber end cap for enhanced insulation and moisture protection.

Technical Specification

Power Line Density 25W/m 40W/m 50W/m
Supply Voltage 230V (115V on request)
Conductor Core Size 0.75 mm2
Conductor Insulation Silicone Rubber
Heating Element Cu-Ni Alloy Wire Cu-Ni Alloy Wire NiCr Alloy Wire
Sheath Material Silicone Rubber
Cross Section Profile Flat Oval, 5.4mmx7.3mm
Length Limit 65m 50m 44m
Contact spacing 0.5m
Insulation Resistance >200MΩ
Dielectric Strength 3500Vac



  • Defrost heater cable for refrigeration: drain line heating, cold room door seal heating, floor heating, etc.
  • Greenhouse plant heating wire
  • Poultry & animal farming
  • Agricultural heating
  • Medical equipment

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