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As thermally operated pressure relief component, fusible plugs find application in many industries due to their simple construction while reliable operation. Here are some examples.

Compressed Gas Cylinder / Air Bottle

fusible plug for cylinder valve

The picture in the right shows a multi function valve with fusible plug installed for Chlorine cylinder. Typical gas cylinders that need to be fusible plug protected include:

  • Chlorine
  • Acetylene
  • Oxygen
  • CNG (compressed natural gas)
  • LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)

We have fusible plugs available for high pressure gas cylinder. Please consult us for details.

A/C Condenser, Receiver-drier

When the condenser of refrigeration unit experiences bad cooling or overload, the temperature of refrigerant in the condenser or receiver-drier will rise to dangerous level. To avoid damage of compressor due to overheat of refrigerant, fusible plugs are required This application can be found in air conditioning, heat pump, automotive, truck container refrigeration, etc. When the pressure of the refrigerant reaches about 3MPa, the temperature will rise to the melting point of the fusible alloy. The refrigerant will be released from the central hole of the fusible plug. It will then save other components in the system from damage due to overheat and over-pressure. The picture below demonstrates the structure of a receiver-drier with fusible plug installed.

receiver-drier structure

  1. Transfer tube
  2. Spring
  3. Cap plate with holes
  4. Body
  5. Cupped shel
  6. Drier
  7. Connecting tube
  8. Filter cloth
  9. Rubber mat
  10. Strainer screen
  11. Charging valve
  12. pressure switch
  13. Outlet
  14. Sight glass
  15. Fusible plug
  16. Inlet
  17. Holder

Emergency Shutdown System

fusible plug for ESD

The ESD (Emergency Shut Down ) has a heat actuated fusible plug that is installed in a T-piece into the supply air line to a pneumatic spring return actuator. When ambient temperature reaches designed value, the fusible plug will melt and divert the supply air and the actuator pressure to atmosphere. This will allow the actuator to drive the valve to the predetermined "Emergency Shutdown" position. Temperature ratings for this application are usually 71°C or 100°C.

Steam Boiler

fusible plug for steam boilersTo give warning for low water level or over pressure condition in steam boilers, fusible plugs are required. A fusible plug is threaded into a hole in the crown sheet of each combustion chamber, mostly from the fireside. When the boiler water level is close to level of the crown sheet, the fusible plug will be unprotected by water and the fusible alloy sintered will melt, leaving a hole through which steam will blow into the combustion chamber and furnace, giving warning to the fireman.

fusible plugs for steam boilersDue to the difference in local codes, fusible plugs for steam boilers may looks very different in different countries. As long as the customer can supply the specification, we will be able to make the fusible plugs according to their requirements, e.g. dimensions, temperature ratings and/or pressure rating.

Fluid coupling

Hydraulic coupling is a safety component capable of protecting the motor and the machine from overtorque. Heat generated by the hydraulic coupling depends on the transmitted torque. In case of continuous application of an excessive torque, the coupling's temperature may exceed what can be tolerated by the oil, the seals and the bearings.

To prevent this, fusible plug must be installed. All installed, operation-ready couplings should be fitted with at least one fusible plug according to many national regulations.

fusible plug for fluid Coupling

Fire Protections

Fusible plugs are required for fire protections on oil rigs and some chemical transport vehicles. 

Aircraft Wheel Tires

To prevent explosion due to excessive brake heat, all aircraft tires are equipped with both fusible plugs and pressure relief valves for double security. For example, on Boeing 757 the fusible plug melts at around 200°C and the pressure relief valve will release the pressure at 375-450 psig. The wheel could be over 200°C and therefore the fusible plug will melt but the pressure will still be well under 375 psig.

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