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fusible plug expert We are often confronted with two well-established practices in the world: to use Pressure Relief Devices (PRD) or not. For example, North American fit pressure relief devices to nearly all gas cylinders, while in Europe, Africa, China, India and SE Asia pressure relief devices are rarely used. Clearly, both practices are considered safe in their respective regions of the world, so the arguments for and against their use are finely balanced.

In this context it is easier to understand that there is no generally recognized product standards (guidelines) for all types of fusible plugs. We can only find a few discrete sentences from the standards of some applications where fusible plus are deployed, e.g. refrigeration (UL207-2004), compressed air cylinder (ISO3807-2), steam boilers and compressed air applications (BS 1123:2006).

Sinomas has the necessary test equipment for all known requirements for fusible plugs, e.g. hydrostatic test (up to 15MPa), oil bath release test, ring gauges etc. We also have a test platform with a miniature steam boiler. This means the fusible plug can be tested in real operation mode. However it is sometimes unpractical to get certain certification due to lack of common standards.

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