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The insulated heating wires are available in a broad range of resistances from 1Ω/m to 10000Ω/m with a tolerance of +/- 5%. Whatever your requirements for insulated resistance wire, you’ll find Sinomas an excellent source for quality material, competitive pricing and dependable services.

Silicone heating wireinsulated heating wire

Insulation Material

Silicone insulated heating wire is an excellent choice for use in high wattage application up to 40 watts per meter. The allowed operation temperature can be -70°C - 200°C.

PVC insulated heater wire is popular for use in low wattage applications. In addition to being used in bulk form of harness, PVC insulated wire is widely used in the manufacture of foil bonded and sewn to heating mats.

Teflon has excellent physical performance, e.g. wide operation temperature range (-200°C - 260°C), inert to almost all chemicals (with few exceptions), solvents, fluxes, oils. They are suitable for high watts density and environmentally demanding applications.

Fiberglass insulated heating wire can operate at up to 400°C continuously.

Sheath Material 

Insulated heating wire can be supplied with outer braided metal layer for mechanical protection and earthing. The available options are:

  • Fiberglass
  • Tinned copper
  • Stainless steel wire
  • Aluminum Magnesium alloy wire

Resistance Calculation

Resistance, as measured in ohms per meter, is the fundamental technical parameter of all heater wires. This resistance value is based on the watts per meter and voltage available in your application. The amount of heat (wattage) required has to be calculated by your engineers.

Technical Specification

Diameter Ø2.0mm - Ø3.0mm Ø2.0mm - Ø3.5mm Ø0.8mm - Ø3.0mm Ø2.0mm - Ø2.5mm
Winding Support Ø0.5mm - Ø1.5mm fiberglass core
Heating Element Nickel-Chromium or Copper-Nickel alloy wire
Main Insulation 105℃ PVC  silicone rubber  Teflon  glassfiber
Tolerance  ±5% on resistance, ±0.15mm on diameter
Resistance Range 1 - 10000 Ω/m    
Voltage Maximum 600V     
Max Ambient Temperature 105°C 200°C 260°C 400°C
Min Ambient Temperature -30°C -70°C -200°C -60°C

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