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etched foil heaterFlexible heaters can be made with wire wound or etched foil heating technology. We recommend to use etched resistance foils as much as possible.

Etched foil heaters make use of very thin metal foils (e.g. 50μm), usually nickel based alloy as the resistance element. The resistance pattern is designed in CAD program and transferred to the resistance foil, which has been laminated with the supporting substrate. The element substrate is then processed through acid solution to get the desired resistance pattern.

Due to the flexibility in circuit design and choice of materials, many demands can be fulfilled, e.g. low TCR, low self inductance, emf shielding, multiple heating zones, dual voltage input, etc. The possibility is only limited by your imaginations.

Compared to the wire wound heating elements, the heat profile of etched foil heaters are much more uniform, accurate and repeatable. Many options available for PCB industry can be applied to etched foil heaters. When coming to mass production, it is more efficient as well.

SINOMAS is the expert of flexible heating solution. We have a resourceful technical team to work on technically challenging projects. Etched metal foil is the most popular solution, but not the only one we have. For example, metal sputtering technology can be used to produce ultra thin resistance film to get very high resistance value. Thick film heaters are suitable for high temperature application. Feel free to contact us for any advice.

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