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inside pipe fitting heating tapeoutside pipe fitting heating tapepipe heater jacket

Proper temperature maintenance is essential for the safe operation of some pipe systems. Sinomas has vast experience and product range for heating of various pipelines including valves and pumps. Our engineers will help you with their professional knowledge to find out the best solution for your application. It can be totally tailor-made per your specific requirements: removable or permanent installation, temperature control scheme, for cleanroom or for harsh climate, you name it.

  • Inside and outside pipe vulcanization for silicone rubber heaters
  • Spiral heating tape for small diameter pipes
  • Pre-terminated heater cable for general pipe heat tracing
  • Preformed silicone heating sleeve for large diameter pipes
  • Industrial jacket heater with thermal insulation
  • Insulated heater box for pumps, flanges and valves

Internal Pipe Heater

heated rollerUniformly heated roller is required for some sophisticated systems like medical thermal image processing. The silicone rubber heater is factory vulcanized to the inside diameter of the laminating roller, providing uniform heat and consistent bond. With several temperature sensors integrated in the pipe, the temperature can be controlled very accurately, quickly and easily.

The internal fitted pipe heaters are very suitable for producing even distributed round surface temperature up to 200 ° C for heated rollers, metal drums and cylinders.

Jacket Heater

jacket heaterJacket heaters are widely used in chemical and semiconductor industry for heating of pipes and valves. Our jacket heater can not only heat large sized pipe and equipment efficiently but also has excellent safety, durability, energy saving and thermal insulation.

  • Easy to install, easy to remove, re-usable
  • Double insulated silicone rubber heater as heating elements, even heat distribution
  • Integrated with temperature sensors and overheat protection
  • All materials used are incombustible
  • Tailor-made to the shape of vessels, pipes, valves or pumps
  • Fiberglass felt thermal insulation, energy efficient
  • Less dust particles due to the silicone coated fiberglass cover cloth
  • Because of baking prior to shipment, the jacket heater emits almost no gas after installation
  • Robust design, long lifetime

Heater Box for Flange Valve Pump Tee

tee heaterpump heaterIt is hard to find standard heating elements from the market to heat these irregular shaped parts. They have to be customized for dimension fit and optimal performance.

We are very experienced with these kinds of application and have several matured design reference. All of them are silicone rubber based easy-to-install heating solution. Silicone sponge has been used as the box frame and thermal insulation.

It is possible to assign different wattage at different side of the box, e.g. higher power at the bottom or larger arm. Please specify when you order. 

Spiral Heating Tape for Small Diameter Pipes

pipe fitting heating tapeIt is not always easy to fit heating tapes onto small diameter pipes, especially when they have to be wrapped around the pipeline. Our RDC series silicone heating tapes have been developed to cater for this demand. They have been preformed to the spiral shape in factory and can fit small pipes down to 1cm in diameter.

RDC silicone rubber heating tape features good waterproof performance and chemical resistance capability. They can be applied in humid, non-explosive gas environment, laboratory pipes and tanks for heating, heat tracing and thermal insulation.

Application notice:

  1. When mounted in place, the heating tape should be stretched and in close contact with the pipe / tanks. It should be fixed by aluminum adhesive tape
  2. To reduce heat loss, an insulation layer can be applied outside the heating tape.
  3. Overlap wrapping is absolutely forbidden.
  4. Please consult us if you are in doubt or need a customized solution.

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