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pre terminated heating cablesHigh quality connection and termination is essential for the safe operation of any heat tracing cables. The conductor and earthing braid should be properly seperated and connected with the lead wires. You also need to be totally confident with the waterproofing of the termination.

The work has to be carried out by the professionals. For big projects, installation are normally included in the contract. If you want to buy commercial heating cable and use them at short length, not all companies would like to cut and make terminations for you.

All our heating wire solutions can be supplied at customer specified length and properly end terminated. In addition we also make heavy duty heater cable assembly upon request, for example the weatherproof constant wattage or self-regulating heat tracing cables used outdoors. Our highly skilled staff have all the professional tools and skills to strip, terminate, gland, connect and seal the heat tracing cables for for pipework frost protection or temperature maintenance applications.

We only work with top quality heating cable suppliers like Raychem or Chromalox. You can be sure of the quality.

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