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water kettle heating elementSilicone rubber heaters are generally moisture proof. Additional edge processing is enough for casual water spray. If the heater pad is to operate under water permanently, the whole heater has to be press molded to avoid any exposure of fiberglass to water. In this case, the thickness of heater pad will increase to about 2.6mm. Integrated temperature sensors are also possible.

The waterproof silicone pad heaters are very useful for humid environment or fluid heating where conventional immersion heaters can't be installed due to space or mounting limit. For example we have delivered silicone heaters (2W/cm2) for portable hot water kettle and heating pad to keep the expensive plant warm in the greenhouse.

waterproof silicone pad heaterThe applicable fluid includes some corrosive chemical solution. Our silicone rubber heaters have been used for SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) tank Adblue heating for exhaust gas emission control of diesel engine vehicles. Please consult us for chemical compatibility if you have similar demand.

For low wattage temperature maintenance in humid environment, silicone insulated heater wires will do a good job.

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