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Since its inception as a manufacturer of wire wound silicone rubber heaters in 2002, Sinomas has kept developing flexible heating elements and tailor-made heating solution for industrial and commercial markets. Over the years we have built our reputation for highly quality designs and dependable deliveries of flexible heating products.

Our products can be made in different forms to serve different application: from plain heating pads, heating blankets to factory vulcanized heating profiles and sleeves. They can be made of several different materials, silicone rubber, polyimide film, Mica, PET, teflon, glassfiber, PVC or whatever we agreed. No matter how the products are constructed and applied, we will make sure that they are reliable and sufficient for your application.

Our corporate staff is comprised of a broad spectrum of creative professionals working in concert to make the most appropriate technical heating solutions. We offer our clients a convergence of talent in materials, tooling, control and manufacturing.

Our company is located in Shanghai where we have the benefits of both well educated employees and relatively low production cost. Modern communication tools have smoothed the geographic gap between different continents. We strive to be more collaborative and responsive than your local suppliers.

Quality is always the top priority at Sinomas which has never been compromised. Under all circumstances, "deliver from Sinomas" means a commitment of quality. Not only our factory is ISO9001 certified, we are also prepared to submit our products to any certification requirements which are applicable and expected. One year guarantee policy applies to all of our products.

If you are looking for a trustable long-term business partner, feel free to contact us at any time. Both email and phone call are welcome. You will be happy with this decision very soon.