Flexible heaters and heating systems find applications for creative heating in a varity of industries. New applications keep emerging. Following are some business sectors we have already supplied to: 

Medical and Life Science

Temperature plays an important role in the development of medical instrument, biotechnology and clinical diagnostic equipment. Product quality in these applications is essential for patient safety, comfort and rendering the right results for clinical diagnosis. With 15 years supply history to medical industries, Sinomas has been a reliable source of flexible heaters for many medical device manufacturers in the world. Typical applications include:

flui analyzer

  • Heater plate for CPAP humidifiers
  • Heated laminating rollers for thermal image development
  • Blood temperature maintenance for sample analysis and use in the operation room
  • Drug and material delivery
  • MRI and CT scanners
  • Patient warming
  • and many more...


Modern vehicles are required not only to fulfill the function of reliable transportation, but also offer a comfortable environment for the passengers. Heating element and system have to be included for both cases. Examples are:

  • ev heaterBattery heaters for EV and HEV
  • Train floor heating
  • Heating of automatic couplings in rail vehicles
  • Anti condensation heating for lens, mirrors and lighting
  • Heating of windscreen wipers and washers
  • Doorstep heating
  • Diesel fuel filter heater
  • Many more heating application for airplane electronics

Electric Power Industry

Catering Industry

  • Food service trays, chafing dishes, food warming tables
  • Food holding equipment
  • Dish washing tanks
  • Chocolate production
  • Tray heater for coffee machine
  • Cooking plates
  • Heating of fast food fryer

 Residential and Sanitary Ware

  • toilet seat heaterToilet seat heater
  • Hot water kettle
  • Sauna room heating
  • Bathroom mirror heater
  • Waterbed heater
  • Floor heating

Other Application Examples

  • Semiconductor processing - heating of electrostatic chucks, gas lines, pipe lines, valves, chamber walls.
  • Heaters for Thermal Transfer Press - preformed silicone heating sleeves with temperature sensors
  • Hot Press for Conveyor Belt
  • Heated profiles and drums
  • ...