gas line heaterUniform temperature coverage of the gas and pump line systems, including flanges, valves, filters, etc. is required to avoid condensation in the gas delivery line or particle buildup in the pump line. In the meantime, gas and pump lines have unique thermal challenges due to many factors including poor conductivity of stainless steel, different thermal mass of plumbing components, etc.

To increase process yields and reduce unscheduled downtime, thermal insulators alone won't do the work effectively. Well controlled complementary heating system must be employed to achieve uniform temperature coverage. Our pump and gas line heating system has the following features:

Modular Line Heaters

For fast installation and easy system maintenance, we have developed a series of modular heater jackets which fit different components in the system: pumps, valves, straight lines, pipe tees, elbows, etc. All surfaces in the transfer line system will be covered with tight contact. The heaters are equipped with standard connectors to hook up with each other. The common structure of these heater jackets is:

gas line heater modules

A few examples of our modular line heaters are shown below. Please contact us for the detailed specifications. The temperature controllers and control system will be introduced in seperate page. 

modular line heater