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  • all customized design

    all customized design

    polyimide heater

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  • we can do more than you think

    we can do more than you think

    silicone rubber heater

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  • customized, reliable, economical

    customized, reliable, economical

    flexible heater solution

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Who are we?

About Us

SINOMAS boasts of being a flexible heater manufacturer and a problem solver for occasions when creative heating is needed. Proudly made in Shanghai, delivered worldwide. read more ... 

Why choose us?

Our Strength

  • 15 years in heater business
  • Strong technical team
  • Creative custom solutions
  • UL, CE RoHS compliant
  • Responsive & collaborative
  • Competitive pricing

Sales Map

flexible heater sales map

News Release


SINOMAS will be closed in week 6 due to the Chinese lunar new year. All production and delivery will be suspended. We will respond to customer emails as usual. 

Flexible Heater : SINOMAS

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