Flexible Heater Gallery

We present here some flexible heaters we have designed for our customers. These photos are supposed to give you some reference what options can be realized. Please note that, none of them are likely to fit your demand exactly without modification. And we have none of them in stock. If you are interested, please send us your technical specification. We will be happy to develop the solution for your exact demand.

very long silicone heater tape
silicone heater of meters long
several heater tapes connected in series
several heaters connected in series
interconnected silicone rubber heaters
interconnected heaters
preformed silicone rubber heater for thermal transfer
preformed heater tube
silicone heater fitted inside metal drum
silicone heater mat with molded leads pad
molded leads pad for extra safety
ring shaped polyimide heater
heater ring
flexible heater with one side silicone rubber, one side polyimide film
silicone rubber / polyimide film composite
polyimide heater with flat leads
integrated flat leads
silicone heater with complicated adhesive backing
partial adhesive backing
stand-up leads & variable watt density
polyimide heater with multiple heating circuits
multiple heating circuits
silicone rubber heater factory vulcanized on black anodized Alu plate
vulcanized on black anodized Alu plate
silicone rubber heater vulcanized on plain Alu profile
plain Alu profile with thermostat and fuse
cabinet heater with adjustable thermostat
with adjustable thermostat
customized silicone rubber heater fitted with cushion
any configuration you need
epoxy heater plate for battery heating
epoxy heater plate
pet heater
PET heater
thick film heater on custom metal part
thick film heating on any metal part
direct heating of a water box by thick film technology
connector fitted