Gas Cylinder Heater

Gas cylinder heaters are large sized heating blankets to keep gas cylinders warm during discharging. They are often custom designed as the application requirement can be very different.

Due to condensation, much gas are often unused in cylinders at low temperature as it remains in liquid state. Cylinders are then not filled to a full level, wasting money on each fillup. This can be alleviated by using our tailor-made silicone rubber heater / heating blanket. The elevated temperature will increase the pressure inside, reducing wasted gas that has condensed.

Integrating etched foil heating element, thermal insulation and temperature sensors, gas cylinder heater provides the system performance and safety at the lowest cost.

gas cylinder heater

The main features are:

  • Robust design, quick installation and removal.
  • Etched foil resistance element ensures uniform heat profile without any overheat spots.
  • Wattage and dimensions are custom made exactly per your specific requirement.
  • Explosion proof cable exit and quick connectors ensure safe operation. No extra processing is required.
  • Integration of thermal cutouts and temperature sensors allows for control and monitoring of the heating process.
  • Excellent heat transfer, high energy efficiency.

Gases known to benefit from this process include SF6, NH3, CO2, propane, nitrogen, oxygen, BCl3, WF6, HF, etc. Similar to drum heaters, cylinder heaters can also be secured by many mechanical methods.

For large gas plant which will process many gas cylinders at a time, central temperature control system can be set up using our RS485 temperature controllers. The temperature of all gas cylinders will be monitored and controlled from one single point. Different levels of protection and alarming can be configured.

SF6 Cylinder Heater

Electric grid operators use SF6 switchgear for their high voltage (35KV-500KV) transmission lines. The SF6 provides an inert blanketing media that prevents arcing when the circuit breakers open and close. SF6 is stored in cylinders in liquid form under pressure. Periodically, maintenance crew need to hook up the storage cylinders to the circuit breakers to replenish SF6 to the breaker and maintain the system’s operating pressure.

When the valve is opened and gas flow begins, the cylinder temperature drops rapidly and slows down the flow of SF6 into the circuit breaker. Heat must be replenished to the cylinder to make up the heat losses caused by vaporizing from liquid to gas. Applying heat safely not only converts this time consuming activity into an efficient and convenient operation, but also ensures maximum removal of SF6 from the cylinder and best use of cylinder capacity when no suctioning device is used.

Our SF6 cylinder heaters provide a simple and quick method for supplying supplemental heat to SF6 containing cylinders. Thermal cutout are designed into all cylinder heaters to guard against overheat and decomposition of SF6. Thermal efficiency is improved through the use of a thermal insulated cylinder heater.

SF6 heating jacket