Film Pt100 / Pt1000

film RTD (pt100 pt1000) with connectors fitted

Derived from polyimide heater manufacturing technology, film RTD (Pt100 or Pt1000) gives exceptional performance for surface temperature sensing. They can be used on any application where a lightweight, miniature, durable, flexible and rugged temperature sensor is required. This unique 0.2mm thick (plus 0.9mm of the chip thickness) RTD probe in the form of a 5mm x 15mm polyimide patch, provides millisecond responses and high dielectric strengths combined with very low thermal mass and physical profile.

The polyimide laminates both support and electrically insulate the RTD / Pt100 chip as well as providing a flat surface for cementing the thin film RTD to. The available custom options include:

  • The type of RTD: Pt100, Pt1000
  • The number of lead wires: 2, 3 or 4
  • The length of lead wire
  • The type of lead termination
  • The size of polyimide film laminate: 5x15mm, 8x20mm, or customized sizes
  • Optional with pressure sensitive adhesive backing

The range of operation temperature of the film RTD / Pt100 is -60°C to 200°C continuously. The RTD probe can be made of silicone rubber as well.