Innovative Technical Heating

SINOMAS is proud of being a quality manufacturer of flexible heating elements and a problem solver for occasions when creative heating solution is needed.

Our corporate staff are comprised of a broad spectrum of creative professionals working in concert to make the most appropriate technical heating solutions. We offer our clients a convergence of talent in materials, engineering and control technology.

Silicoine heating plate valcunized on Stainless plates

Customized Heating Solution

We position ourselves as a big small company. We are much more responsive and flexible as a small player in the heating industry. Howver our capabilities are beyond some heater manufacturing. We are able to offer you totally customized heating solutions, covering different heating technologies and integrated digital temperature controllers. For performance boost, for cost saving, you will have more benefits to work with us. 

Silicoine heating plate valcunized on Stainless plates

Etched Foil Technology

Compared to the wire wound heating element, etched foil heating element are thinner and has much bigger surface contact area. The heat profile is more uniform, accurate and repeatable. Many options available for FPC industry can be applied to the manufacturing of etched foil heaters as well. We make use of etched foil heating element as much as possible, with a few exceptions like irregular 3D shaped heaters.

Quality Assurance

Our flexible heaters and temperature controllers carry UL and CE approvals. They also comply with the latest RoHS directives of EU. Our factory is ISO9001 and TS16949 certified. Feel free to check with us if you need more details.

Trustworthy Business Partner

Over the years, we have built our reputation in the heating industry. Our customers scatter all over the world in various industrial sectors. We grow the business by being responsive, collaborative and accountable. If you are looking for a long term partner for flexible heater supply, feel free to contact us now. You will feel happy with this decision very soon.