Drum Heater

two drum heaters
temperature rise curve with one vs two drum heaters

Drum heaters are standard sized silicone rubber heaters that may easily be wrapped and secured around liquid containers. They are made of fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber laminated with a nickel alloy circuit. This construction provides an even heat transfer, which keeps contents at desired temperature and viscosity and limits scorching or degradation of sensitive contents.

Drum heaters are built to be tough, long lasting, and resistant to chemicals. Because few materials stick to its fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber construction, it is easy to clean. When not in use, it rolls for convenient storage.

Optional built-in thermostats are full-range adjustable and limit the temperature of the drum heater. Several factors affect the actual temperature of the drum contents, including thermostat setting, heater wattage, type of contents, ambient temperature. Multiple heaters may be needed for heavy duty applications. The figure in the right shows the temperature rise curves of a 55 gallon drum with one and two 1500 watt drum heaters for comparison.


  • Fits four standard drum sizes: 5, 15, 30, 55 gallon
  • 115V and 230V standard
  • 3 prong plug or pigtail termination
  • Internally grounded
  • Adjustable thermostat or digital temperature controller
  • Heavy hook and spring attachment
  • Resistance to many chemical substances
drum heaters installed on metal drum

Standard Models

Drum Heaters are available for both metal and plastic drums. The difference lies in the watt density. Metal drum heaters cannot be used on non-metal drums due to their higher watt density which will melt plastic drums. However, plastic drum heater may be used on metal drums as a temporary solution.

The table below lists the standard models we offer. Most of them or semi-finished parts will be in stock. So the delivery can be quite fast.

Serial No.Drum TypeDrum Capacity (gal./in.)WattageVoltageThermostatLength/Width (in.)
1Metal55/22.515001150 – 150°C64.50/4
2Metal55/22.515002300 – 150°C64.50/4
3Metal55/22.510001150 – 150°C64.50/3
4Metal55/22.510002300 – 150°C64.50/3
5plastic55/22.55001150 – 150°C64.50/4
6plastic55/22.55002300 – 150°C64.50/4
7plastic55/22.53001150 – 150°C64.50/3
8plastic55/22.53002300 – 150°C64.50/3
9Metal200L200023030 – 150°C1740/250mm
10Metal200L100023030 – 150°C1740/125mm
11Metal20L80023030 – 150°C860/200mm


We can produce customized drum heaters per customer specification, e.g. different width/length, mounting methods, higher wattage, digital temperature setting and display, etc. The price and delivery time will be at the same level as the standard models. The products can carry customer logo for OEM customers.

installation options of different drum heaters


Viscosity control, freeze protection, temperature maintenance and melting of solids for drums that contains:

  • Adhesives
  • Asphalt
  • Biofuels
  • Plastics
  • Resins
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Waxes
  • Oils, fats, greases
  • Molasses, chocolate, syrups