PTFE (Teflon) Heater

PTFE (teflon) heaters are formed by laminating etched foil heating elements in between PTFE coated glass fiber clothes. With non-sticky rugged surfaces, PTFE (teflon) heaters have the following features:

  • Unaffected by acids and bases due to the protection of PTFE (teflon) coating 
  • Lightweight, low thermal mass, thin profile (about 0.5mm), just as other type of flexible heaters. Compared to metal clad heaters with teflon surface coating, they require little space for installation. 
  • Odorless, hydrophobicity, clean, non-stick surface
  • Rugged surface layer, weatherproof
  • Long term operation temperature up to 280oC
  • High dielectric strength, 1000-2500Vac
  • Available colors: black, brown, white, blue
flexible PTFE heater


  • Tanks, drums and pipe heating in dust free environment
  • Heating applications which require non-sticky surface, for example clean workshop, sterilizers.
  • Heating for chemical & machining process like plating, electrolysis, acid bath, polishing, anodization, etc
  • Replacing conventional immersion heater in space demanding occasions
preformed teflon heater