About Us

We registered our sales office for international market at Meerbusch Germany in 2019. This extends our capability to service our customers round the clock. Shipping from the warehouse in Germany is now possible upon agreement.

SINOMAS factory
workshop for flexible heater production

SINOMAS was established in 1998 as a family owned company. The initial business was manufacturing of various rubber components. We grow the business by making OEM production of wire wound silicone heaters for a renowned flexible heater enterprise from Japan.

From 2002, we start to sell silicone rubber heaters with our own brand. Etched foil heating element and polyimide heaters are added to the program gradually. With continuous investment in R&D over the years, SINOMAS has become a leading brand in flexible heating industry in China. With 260 employees in total, our annual turnover is about 35 million US$.

Our factory is located in Shanghai where we have the benefits of both well educated employees and relatively low production cost. Modern communication tools have smoothed the geographic gap between different continents. We strive to be more collaborative and responsive than your local suppliers.

Quality is always the top priority at Sinomas which has never been compromised. Under all circumstances, “deliver from Sinomas” means a commitment of quality. Not only our factory is ISO9001 certified, we are also prepared to submit our products to any certification requirements which are applicable and expected. One year guarantee policy applies to all of our products.