Battery Heater

Cold weather presents unique challenges for electric vehicles (EV). It is essential that power battery systems be automatically preheated at cold climate before fast-charging. A study shows that, a non-tempered battery cell ages four times faster during the charge and discharge cycles at -5oC than one that is charged and discharged at room temperature. No to mention that many battery cells can’t take a charge when below -10oC. The starting temperature for fast charging should be 10oC in the least.

heated battery module

SINOMAS has rich experience and extensive battery heating solutions to address the problems brought by low temperature. Flexible heating elements can be custom designed in different forms to be inserted between battery cells, wrapped around cells or modules, or bonded to the surface of a cold plate directly under a module. The uniform heat profile and close contact ensure shorter time to temperature without the concern of hot spots. The light weight and less energy consumption also help to extend the range of electric vehicles in winter time.

long polyimide heatering tape
Silicoine heating plate valcunized on Stainless plates
epox heater plate

The thickness of our EV battery heater ranges from 0.2mm (polyimide heater solution) to 1.5mm (silicone heater solution). These thin foils have little impact on the cooling performace of the EV systems. On the other hand they function as a dielectric barrier between cells/modules/plates.

Various temperature controllers and sensors can be integrated with the battery heaters to feed signals to BMS system of electric vehicles for thermal management and safe protection.

Flexible Circuit Board

In connection with battery heating solution, we can also develop flexible circuit board (FPC) for peripheral applications: for example the data acquisition circuit for battery voltage and temperature of electric vehicles. 

voltage data acquisition board

Fuel Heater / Oil Heater / Filter Heater

Vehicles with internal combustion engines also struggle in cold weather with difficulties to start up. Diesel, biofuel and lubrication oil gel at temperatures below freezing, causing clogged fuel filters. Battery, fuels, oils must be preheated for freeze protection. The customizable silicone rubber heaters from Sinomas can fulfill this purpose efficiently and reliably. 

Silicone heater pads of different sizes and shapes can be applied via pressure sensitive adhesive or veltro straps or springs & hooks on the oil pans or fuel filters. They are light weight, maintenance free, easy to install & remove, and require less energy due to the immediate contact. We are not a retailor. But with MOQ as low as 10 pcs, you can get a totally customized winterization solution. Why not have a try?

fuel filter heater