Anti condensation heaters are used to protect customer enclosure, electric panel or switchgear cabinet against problems brought on by temperature variations such as condensation. Such conditions are likely to occur when ambient temperature is low and the equipment inside the enclosure is not powered or fails to dissipate enough heat to keep enclosure temperature above the dew point. Outdoor electrical cabinets, for example, are almost always in such conditions.

RDB series enclosure heaters are standard sized silicone rubber heaters factory vulcanized to the black anodized Aluminum plates in the factory. The Alu plates are light, corrosion resistant and good for radiational heat transfer. Compared to other type of anti condensation heaters, silicone heating plates have the following advantages:

  • Pre-drilled standard mounting holes, easy installationanti condensation heater
  • Hermetically sealed heating element, avoid problem of oxidation
  • Low surface temperature, touch safe
  • Double insulation of moisture proof silicone rubber and alkali-free glass fiber, suitable for for harsh environment
  • Wide operating temperature range: -60°C to 200°C
  • Fanless radiation heating, silent operation, long lifetime
  • Thin profile, space saving
  • Optional with thermostat
  • Side mounting model available upon request

List of Models

Model No. Wattage(W) Size (mm)
RDB-00011A 50 90x150
RDB-00011B 100 120x185
RDB-00011C 150 150x200
RDB-00008A 70 100x230
RDB-00008B 30 60x100
RDB-00008C 15 60x100
RDB-00008D 45 80x90
RDB-00008E 75 80x140
RDB-00008H 140 100x230
RDB-00008N 300 200x300
RDB-00034-GP1 140 164x218
RDB-00034-GP2 140 216x230
RDB-00034-GP3 250 150x330
RDB-00034-GP4 500 330x440


Rated Voltage 120V or 230V
Dielectric Strength 2000V/min
Insulation Resistance >50M
Working Temperature -60°C -- 250 °C

Typical Applications

Provides freeze prevention and condensation build-up protection in enclosures where supplemental heat is needed:

  • Electric cabinet
  • Switchgear cabinet heater
  • ATM machine
  • Control panel
  • Anti-flocculation box
  • Traffic signal control box
  • Light box
  • Vending machine
  • Motor space heater

Calculation of Anti Condensation Power

All electrical cabinets emit certain amount of heat to the surroundings through the surface. So the required anti condensation power is proportional to the effective surface area of the enclosure. The blue lines in the graph represent different temperature elevation. Knowing the effective surface area, you can find the corresponding anti condensation power required for the enclosure heater.

anti condensation power selection

The table below shows the effective surface area calculation for control panel / electric cabinet mounted at different locations.

surface area

The anti condensation power calculation for a motor space will take another approach, which will be explained in the product page of motor space heater.