The modular designed FabDoctor series PID temperature controller combines the advantages of electromagnetic relay and solid state relay achieving long life cycles and compact size at the same time.

The temperature can be set in our factory or on site via RS-485 port through PC, PDA or handset. Several heaters can be controlled and monitored in one interrface. This is very convenient for large heating system, e.g. gas line heating system.

  • compact size: 89x59x29mm
  • working voltage: 110V - 230V
  • working current: max 5A
  • temperature range: 20°C - 200°C
  • temperature tolerance: ±1°C
  • three color LED alarming: over temperature, low temperature, over current
  • optional feature: digital temperature dispaly, RS-485 serial communication port
  • UL appvoed

FEBHIn addition Sinomas offers many other temperature control solutions for different applications, e.g. high precision tempertauture controller (±0.1°C), temperature and moisture controller, three stage contreller, etc. Everything can be made exactly per your specification due to our in-house design capability. 

Please let us know the control features you would like to have. We will make a quote for the complete flexible heating system with all your technical requirement fulfilled.